• We provide the whole range of warehouse services:
  • cargo handling (automated and manual work);
  • acceptance of goods;
  • order picking;
  • processing of shipping documents;
  • labeling;
  • packing;
  • complete and cyclical inventory;
  • reverse logistics.


We as well deliver additional services:

  • accounting (goods, expiration date);
  • co-packing;
  • defective goods processing;
  • cross-docking;
  • preselling preparation.

We provide our customers with information support in the form of different reports (stock and storage, transportation status) as well as specialized reports in accordance with requirements.

The Baltics, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey



We offer different types of storage in our warehouses:

  • storage of palletized goods;
  • racking storage;
  • fine-meshed storage;
  • floor storage of over sized cargo.