Coronavirus: Components Troubles Have Just Begun

Automakers including Honda, Toyota and Hyundai have announced plant shutdowns in response to supply chain issues with the coronavirus, but one thing’s for sure: the auto industry hasn’t seen the worst yet. One factor is the unknown—how far and fast the virus will spread, and who will be quarantined. Another factor is the lag time […]

Lidl and PAKi Logistics launch new pallet management system in Europe: the e-Voucher

Lidl, Europe’s largest food retailer, has introduced a new, more sustainable and efficient pallet pool contracting and management system, provided by PAKi: the e-Voucher. This system brings innovation to its logistics platforms, streamlining the processes at the docks and contributing to a more sustainable pallet management. Since November 2018, Lidl offers its suppliers and carriers, […]

These countries have the best work-life balance

If you’re frustrated with your work-life balance, you might consider moving to the Netherlands. Dutch people don’t tend to work very long hours and spend more time on leisure activities, as well as sleeping and relaxing, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s latest Better Life Index. The index ranks countries by how […]