Cargo insurance covers damage, destruction, and theft of cargo during transportation. Insurance protection gets into effect immediately upon the moment of insured cargo loading from the storage for transportation, specified in the insurance contract. Insurance protection seizes to be provided after cargo delivery and unloading in the specified place of destination.

Coverage is valid for interim storage time. In case of standard transportation by means of land transport, carrier’s liability is regulated by CMR Convention, adopted in 1956 in Geneva.

Carrier’s liability or CMR insurance is limited by 8,33 SDR* per kg of gross weight. The SDR index is set by the International Monetary Fund.

There are rare cases when cargo could be damaged or destroyed due to certain conditions, e.g. natural disasters. We recommend insurance that covers all possible risks.

Why is it necessary to get cargo insurance?

  • low fares;
  • the established system of insured events settlement;
  • cargo insurance at any stage of transportation;
  • insurance policy’s speed of registration
  • assistance in damaged cargo inspection and settlement of claims
  • fast payout of insurance compensation.

We have a partnership with Acis insurance company ( since July 2017.